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21 Yr old CET Undergrad Prachi Prangya Agasti comes up with her next Novel White Night Moonbeams


Prachi Prangya Agasti, age 21 years is an undergraduate pursuing her B-tech at College of Engineering and Technology in her native place Odisha. She is her father’s cherished daughter, her mother’s nagging yet lovable doll and her friends’ adored better half.
She always had a bits and pieces of an undying love story, a seed mingled with a longing to put it into words, Just Once. And so Prachi is the author of today’s timeless love-story that would incite million hearts. She says, she may not be the best among the writing society of the world, but a promising one that would make you ride through those parts of your heart you could only imagine. And certainly her foray into writing didn’t just end with her debut novel. She has also been a part of anthology on friendship, a collection of short stories by Shades publications, ‘Friendship-bonds beyond time’. Besides being a writer in fiction, she is an avid reader and also has a great passion for painting.

Just once prachi agasti bhubaneswar buzz

Her first book “JUST ONCE ”
The reasons why your hand should itch to skim through its pages. This epic love story has both love-hate emotions embodied with it and it is something that will caress your heart. An uneven ride of ecstasy and demise is just a read away. If you’re a poetry lover or a poet, this book brings you some scribbled lines that would stroke your heart with emotions you weren’t aware in your consciousness. The female protagonist June Williams, with all feminist attributes is the one with whom you’re sure to fall in love. Her eyes, her smile, her face. June is an escape dressed as a cloud that has the flair of a thunderstorm yet add hues to his sunset sky.
Climax is something that you got to look out for. The mystery is taken to the very last word of the novel, a single word will make you love the read.

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White Night Moonbeams Prachi agasti bhubaneswar buzz

Her latest book: “WHITE NIGHT MOONBEAMS ”
Strings of Emotions and One Heart. Complicated Right? But these complications are beautifully etched into our lives, says Prachi Agasti. So White Night Moonbeams is not just a collection of short stories but a picture of our lives which might not come across until we realize it.

To grab the copies people can click the following link for Amazon:

To grab the copies people can click on the following link from flipkart: