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Want a driving license, pass the computer simulated driving test first in the city

driving license simulator bhubaneswar buzz

Licence seekers in bhubaneswar will be put through electronically simulated driving test track first from today.Designed to look like a prototype of a car with brakes, accelerator, steering, clutch and gear in place, the contraption offers a computerized driving experience by simulating real-life regular and adverse conditions.

The performance of the computerized system will decide if the candidate is worthy of getting a licence.A person applying for driving licence now has to go through this simulator testing. Simulator is a stationary car cabin with all controls (steering, gear, clutch, brakes etc) with multiple screens in front to resemble a real life driving situation via 3D imagery.

After one sits for simulator test, he/she has to enter various tests like driving a vehicle in wet and swampy roads, turnings, humps, moving off, stopping, reversing, parking and negotiating at crossroads.

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