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Hyderabad-based American Oncology Institute brings world-class cancer treatment to Odisha; opens advanced cancer treatment center in collaboration with Sparsh Hospitals & Critical Care

  • American Oncology Institute (AOI), founded by renowned oncologists from Pittsburg, USA, has set up a cancer treatment facility by joining hands with Sparsh Hospitals & Critical Care in Bhubaneshwar.
  • Sparsh hospitals aspires to create an enduring legacy in medical care and well-being using state-of-the art technology and processes that stand for the ultimate in care.
  • The state-of-the-art center will provide advanced medical oncology and diagnostics services for all types of cancers for all age groups.
  • AOI follows standardized cancer treatment protocols and pathways as followed in the leading cancer centers in the US.
  • Center forms part of AOI’s growing number of advanced cancer treatment centers in India and South Asia to ensure immediate and effective treatment for patients amidst increasing number cancer cases in the region.


Bhubaneswar, November 11, 2017:American Oncology Institute (AOI), a Hyderabad-based chain of cancer hospitals founded by a team of leading oncologists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre in USA, today commenced operations in Bhubaneswar in collaboration with Sparsh Hospitals & Critical Care.The dedicated cancer treatment and diagnostic center will provide advanced medical oncology and surgical oncology services for all types of cancers for all age groups.

The facility comes up at a time when cancer incidences in the state of Odisha are on the rise due to use of tobacco and tobacco products, ageing population, unhealthy life styles and lack of awareness about early detection. Services offered at the center will include Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology specialties. AOI and Sparsh Hospitals is also in the process of setting-up a brand-new state-of-the-art-facility in Bhubaneswar with 300+ beds offering comprehensive cancer care including Radiation oncology.

AOI was started with an aim to close the gap between standards of cancer care in India and the US. AOI provides integrated cancer care powered by clinical excellence, world class technology as well as international pathways and protocols, world class cancer care across India and South Asia.

Prevalence of Cancer

India is seeing increased incidence of cancer and has reported over 11 lakhs new cases per year and this number is expected to be around 20 lakhs by 2020. In Odisha, cancer is emerging as the second biggest killer after heart diseases. Everyday 47people died of cancer in the state of Odisha in the year 2015.  About 50,000 to 60,000 new cancer patients are detected in the State every year. As per estimates, Odisha has around three lakh cases of surviving cancer patients and 70 to 80 per cent of these are detected at advanced stages of the disease, when treatment is prohibitively expensive and survival rates being abysmally low.

Joseph A. Nicholas, Co-founder and Executive Director, American Oncology Institute, said, “AOI, founded by a set of practicing oncologists in the United states and its our endeavor to bring world class cancer care at par with that of United states to the underserved regions of India and South Asia. Together with Sparsh, we are happy to have our presence in Bhubaneswar and we hope to serve the whole state of Odisha and nearby regions”.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Shibaji Chattopadhyaya, Zonal Director, operations, American Oncology Institute said, “This strategic tie-up is a significant step towards bringing world class cancer care based on top American standards to the people of Odisha. AOI plans to create a network of 25 centers to provide Precision Cancer Care across South Asia in the next 3-4 years”.

Dr. Priyabrata Dhir, Chairman & Managing DirectorSparsh Hospitals & Critical Care, said, “We in SPARSH, have been instrumental in pioneering cancer care in Odisha for a decade. “SPARSH AOI” oncology centre intends to revolutionize the pattern of cancer treatment protocol by following standard global practices. We will be providing latest technology including but not limited to drug mixing and infusion pump. Our patient will be monitored by international Tumour Board of AOI comprising eminent medical oncologist in India and USA.”

Dr. Ghanshyam Biswas, Consultant – Medical Oncology at American Oncology Institute, said,“Sparsh AOI” Onco Centre is a stepping stone to transform the cancer treatment protocol prevailing in Odisha. This is a centre of excellence to treat cancer patient with the aid of latest available technology to ensure precision in patient care as per global standard practices. It will ensure cancer treatment at par with global standard under the remote supervision of international Tumour Board of AOI.”

About Sparsh Hospitals

Sparsh Hospital & Critical Care is a multi-specialty state-of-the-art hospital in Bhubaneshwar. It provides comprehensive and the highest level of medical services to patients from Odisha and neighboring states. The hospital boasts of 100 beds with one of the largest Intensive Care Units (ICU), most advanced 2 Operation Theaters, more than 50 consultants and manpower of nearly 400. The hospital attends to around 30 In-patients and 300 Out-patients daily. Funds generated from the hospital services are partially utilized for providing free health care to the poor and needy patients.

About American Oncology Institute

American Oncology Institute (AOI) was founded by a team of leading Oncologists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre in USA. AOI brings to its network of super specialty cancer hospitals in India and South Asia standardized cancer treatment protocols and pathways as followed in the leading Oncology centers in the US.

AOI follows a comprehensive approach to prevention and cancer treatment through its dedicated team of Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologists who work together to optimize patient care backed by new generation technology in diagnostics, day care Chemotherapy, operating rooms and radiation therapy.