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Bhubaneswar based LV Prasad Eye institute performs rare surgery


A leading eye institute in bhubaneswar LV prasad Thursday claimed to have created history by being the first in East India to perform Viscocanalostomy, a type of non-penetrating glaucoma filtration surgery.

Dr Aparna Rao, Glaucoma consultant at L V Prasad Eye Institute in Bhubaneswar performed this surgery on three patients, aged between 38 to 62 years, in February this year.

This technique targets the Schlemm’s canal, which is the main pathway for drainage of fluid or “aqueous” out of the eye. The technique requires much more surgical expertise in identifying the Schlemm’s canal.

It is a good alternative for specific patients who have higher risk of complications when operated with standard procedure for glaucoma called Trabeculectomy,

Glaucoma is seen as the leading cause of irreversible blindness in India. It is a disorder associated with pressure in the eye, and is characterised by damage to the optic nerve leading to irreversible blindness.

The disorder is not a single disease, but has multiple causes, with a final common insult, which is injury to the optic nerve.

Source: Zee News