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Think Local : National Restaurant Chain Motimahal Launches Poda Pitha for upcoming Raja Parba

Motimahal Raja PArba festival bhubaneswarbuzz

“Think Local” – is what many National chains are doing now, to blend into the local market. And what better time to show this adaptability than the festive season that kickstarts with Raja Parba.
MOTI MAHAL DELUX restaurant Cuttack, which is basically a North Indian chain, has been quick join this bandwagon of “Think Local”. Hence their “EAST meets NORTH” RAJO festival.
And they have come up with a innovative twist. Maybe a “first” by any National Chain at Odisha. They have introduced local delicacies for a limited period of 12th to ‎17th June for the much awaited RAJO festival.
While their full time North Indian chefs roll out typical Mutton delicacies, they have hired a special Odia chef‎ for their stock of “Chakuli Pitha” and “Poda Pitha” – tow super hit accompaniments with Mutton for all Odia flowing with the RAJO fever.
The management team at MOTI MAHAL has been rolling out one after the other offers since launch. “LUNCH PLATE”, “KITTY AFTERNOONS”, “NEW DISH OF THE MONTH” and now this “EAST meets NORTH” RAJO offer.