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Introducing Bhubaneswar based startup MoCab : A Taxi Aggregator Service

Tell us a little bit about your startup

At MoCab we want to make travel simple and uncomplicated, that means, honest fares and safe rides. With the boom in taxi aggregator services, this has become possible however we want to take this concept a step further.
How are we different? We charge fares based on the travel distance rather than extra
charges for time of day, surge etc. Our apps are the simplest to use. We have ambitions to take this across the state to generate employment for drivers and provide ease and safety of travel to our valued customers.
The final frontier for this kind of service is quality drivers. We want to to ensure that drivers and owners who sign up with us pay EMIS on time with an affordable and flexible commission model. So that while their success is ensured, we grow as an organization across Bhubaneswar and Odisha.

How can customers use our services : 

Download our app on your Android phone and pay with cash at the end of the ride.
Have a customer requirement? Call us at: 7438888860

 How did you come up with this idea and why this name?

In Odia My stands for “Mora.” We took that and made it MoCab, meaning your personalized cab service at the tap of a button. Now sit back, book your ride and get no shocks at the end of the trip with a fare that is hiked up due to reasons outside your control. Thus the name MoCab, Odisha’s very own cab service.

 How time-consuming or difficult was it to get started?

Building a quality service takes time and is an ongoing process. Finding the right partners and solution providers, building a quality experience and onboarding drivers has not been easy. Yet we feel we have done a credible job. Our apps are easy to use and quick to download. After a lot of work our website is clear and precise in the amount of information it provides.

The road so far hasn’t been easy. The software took time to build and was extremely tough. We however intend to keep improving.

 What problem does your start up solve?

Safe and comfortable rides across Odisha with hand picked drivers and a system which lets you know exactly what the ride costs. No dishonest fares, no hiked charges, no extra surge based rates and you are providing fueling the local economy by helping local entrepreneurs to grow the smart city of Bhubaneswar.

With transportation becoming a key driver of growth, we feel that for a smart city like Bhubaneswar, recently ranked 1 for ease of doing business in the World Bank report,
people need to get around. We want to provide a simple solution to the passengers while ensuring employment to driver partners through a flexible and easy revenue model.

 Tell us about your Team (Who are the founders and key team members)?

We have a dedicated and a motivated team with corporate experience. Boasting credentials from the top institutes in the country, we have people from IIM, BITS Pilani, St Stephen’s College- Delhi University, Tata institute of Social Sciences and a few top US universities.

Mr. Satya Prakash has over 3 decades of experience in running businesses and is the Managing Director. Mr. Suraj Rath looks after Marketing and Mr. Tilachina Panda is the Field and Onboarding Manager.

What are the different challenges you are facing for operation?

In a crowded space, differentiation is important. Acquiring customers, running the apps smoothly and onboarding drivers are our key challenges. We intend to work towards improving our services at every step. With the help of our partners, we intend and hope to drive success. Challenges are to ensure safety to our passengers and onboard quality among drivers. Also, the key factor for us to remain in the game would be maintaining driver satisfaction and motivation. Our competitors keep instigating strikes among their work force, which we want to avoid at all costs.

What is MoCab Plus?

MoCab Plus is our specialized service for people who need something more than just point-to-point pickup and drop. We handle elderly people for weekly temple visits, Puri temple Darshan and much more. We can also provide transportation for corporate travelers doing business anywhere in the twin cities or Odisha. Our trained drivers also can assist with tourist travel, trip planning and Buddhist trips. Our monthly rental plans can drop kids at school, make your office ride in the morning easy and ensure that you have a seamless experience getting around.
No matter what your needs are:

Call us at: 7438888860 and we will provide you with a custom service specially
curated for you.
We have more than 120 monthly subscribing Plus rental customers who get their children safely dropped to school, help with elderly temple visits and help office goers get to work on time regularly. Call us at: 7438888860

Your vision and mission.

To become the biggest cab aggregator service in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India by using Six Sigma and Kaizen principles to achieve maximum stakeholder satisfaction. We want to give love to the smaller towns, cities and villages that are often overlooked by bigger corporates. We want to be the driving force of employment for thousands of drivers and create the best possible travel platform for our customers.