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This is a comprehensive list of links that might be useful for those searching for Odia language input tools for typing in Odia alphabet, or reading an Odia book online or even learning about a village fair or cuisine of Odisha.


  1. If you want a concise book to easily learn Odia, this book is really good: An easy approach to Learn Odia Language.pdf

  2. If you are literate in Hindi, this textbook is so far the most useful book for learning Odia by oneself: Learn Odia from Hindi.pdf

  3. If you prefer to learn comprehensively in English, this textbook is very useful for learning Odia: An Intensive Course in Odia.pdf

  4. For learning Odia grammar from English, this book is really helpful: Synchronic Odia Grammar.pdf

  5. This book teaches grammar with more technical details: A Grammar of Oriya.pdf

  6. If you want to focus on speaking and daily conversations, this book would be useful: Conversational Odia.pdf

  7. This is an interesting textbook that teaches Odia words using pictures: Odia Pictorial Glossary.pdf

  8. This is a standalone Odia grammar textbook written exclusively in Odia: Our Odia Grammar.pdf

  9. This book enhances your Odia writing skills: Noting & Drafting in Odia.pdf


If you want to study like a school student, here are some textbooks by the Odisha board –

1. Odia Textbook for 1st grade students: Odia Elementary Textbook (1st).pdf

2. Odia Textbook for 2nd grade students: Odia Elementary Textbook (2nd).pdf

3. Odia Textbook for 3rd grade students: Odia Primary Textbook (3rd).pdf

4. Odia Textbook for 4th grade students: Odia Elementary Textbook (4th).pdf

5. Odia Textbook for 5th grade students: Odia Elementary Textbook (5th).pdf

6. Odia Textbook for 6th grade students: Odia Primary Textbook (6th).pdf

7. Odia Textbook for 7th grade students: Odia Literature Textbook (7th).pdf

8. Odia Literature Book for 8th grade students: Odia Literature Textbook (8th).pdf

9. Odia Grammar Book for 8th grade students: Odia Grammar Textbook (8th).pdf

10. Odia Secondary Book for 9th grade students: Odia Secondary Textbook (9th).pdf

11. Odia Literature Book for 9th grade students: Odia Literature Textbook (9th).pdf

12. Odia Grammar Book for 9th grade students: Odia Grammar Book (9th).pdf

13. Odia Secondary Book for 10th grade students: Odia Secondary Textbook (10th).pdf

14. Odia Grammar Book for 10th grade students: Odia Grammar Book (10th).pdf

15. Odia Literature Book for 10th grade students: Odia Literature Textbook (10th).pdf

16. Odia Literature Textbook for 11th grade students: Odia Literature Textbook (11th).pdf

17. Odia Literature Textbook for 12th grade students: Odia Literature Textbook (12th).pdf

To be able to read the textbooks, knowing the Odia alphabet is necessary.

* The Unicode chart of Odia lists all letters with their names.

* This wikipedia article on Odia alphabet is quite detailed: Odia Alphabet.pdf

* This book titled “ChhabiLa Madhu BarNabodha” has been read by every person who knows Odia: ChhabiLa Madhu BarNabodha.pdf

To understand Odia words, one needs a dictionary. I recommend to install these 3 dictionary apps:

Odia Dictionary Pro – Apps on Google Play

Odia Dictionary – Apps on Google Play

English Odia Hindi Dictionary – Apps on Google Play


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Learn how to create new articles, edit and enhance existing articles in Odia Wikipedia.


Odia Wikipedia, free online encyclopedia

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Using TypeOdia input tool.

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