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Introducing speakers for Nitrutsav 2k18 : one of the largest inter-college fetes of India

With one day to go for Nitrutsav 2k18 the stage is set for one of the largest inter-college fetes of India. Today, with immense pleasure and pride, we introduce our guests for NU 2018!
Our first guest speaker is a person who has travelled all around the globe on his Bike and goes by his sobriquet ‘World Rider’. A writer, filmmaker, trekker, sailor and, screenwriter with a wide range of achievements under his belt, He is the very definition of a renaissance man. Please give it up for Mr Bharadwaj Dayala.
A social activist, renowned Biker, and, acclaimed photographer, Our second guest speaker is a person whose achievements are unconventional,  groundbreaking. With a breathtaking accolades to her credit. Please welcome the remarkable MS. Candida Louis.
Last but not the least is a man, whose accolades and success are dreamt of by few and achieved by fewer. A man who has performed at the highest echelons of this world, a groundbreaking innovator, an instrumental guitarist, inventor of the world’s first Bongo guitar the eponymous ‘Bentar’ whose crowning achievement is travelling the entire world in the shortest time ever, please welcome our honorable chief guest, the eminent Dr K Benny Prasad!
Be there to listen to them speak their hearts out about their achievements and the stories behind them.