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An inspiring story on how Desire Foundation is giving the gift of education to the underprivileged


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Posted by Desire Foundation on Thursday, April 6, 2017


After undertaking steps on our project Adhyayan which aims in spreading awareness about the section 12(1) (C) of the RTE Act, allowing 25% of students free elementary education in private schools, we met the Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA). The aim of this visit was to seek their help, for we had failed in few aspects. We discussed our problems with them. They agreed to help us after getting the proper documents and information for the same. After a failed attempt in telugu nagar slum in getting the kids admitted under RTE we were even more determined to get some success from Mahimanagar slum survey.  OPEPA then directed us to Block Education Office(BEO) as they themselves had faced similar problems in their work.

At the BEO office we presented our work to them to which they were really impressed and issued a notice of RTE for FBS. The school after receiving the notice went very cooperative and agreed to take admission of 5 kids under RTE in Nursery.

So we now could admit 5 kids from Mahima nagar slum. These 5 eligible kids were jotted down from the survey we had earlier conducted and their names are as follows:

  • Sai Krishna Behera
  • Sriya Nayek
  • Sipuna Bhanja
  • Subhashmita Behera
  • Sameer Nayak


The steps from getting recognized as eligible kids to starting their schooling

1) The school laid down the following requirements for the admission.

  1. ₹6000 for the uniform and books.
  2. ₹500 for the admission forms.
  3. Full fee concession.
  4. Caste certificate, Birth Certificate, Aadhaar card of thefather, Ration card and knowledge about the child’s blood group.


The following details were explained to the three families of Sriya, Sipuna and Sai Krihna. Our interns kept encouraging them and telling them about the importance of this opportunity. The families agreed to manage the required amount as well as get the required documents.


2) On 20th January, 2017, Monday, our interns accompanied the three families to school for their admission. They filled up their forms and submitted it with the required amount. On that very day Desire Foundation was successful in getting those three children admitted in the school with


  1. Desire Foundation officially signing as their local guardian.
  2. The school considering an under taking for the documents that yet need to be submitted.
  3. Orders being placed for the children’s books and uniforms.
  4. Forms being filled up for their Identity Cards.


  • It took a little more time for Subhasmita’s family to arrange the money but eventually even she got admitted.
  • The next big problem was convincing Sameer’s father in getting him admitted to school. His father is a drunkard and preferred his son to become like him while his mother was very determined in getting her child a good education so that he grows up to be a sober human. She tried arranging money to her fullest but she failed every time somehow. It was getting difficult for her to arrange the money having such an oppressive husband but the admission deadline was getting near.

So, now Desire had to step in to do the needful. There was also a person who after getting to know these hardships of sameer’s mother decided to sponsor some money for his admission. So he contributed Rs.2000. Sameer’s mother had arranged Rs.800. So the rest that is Rs. 3200 was paid by Desire.

  • Sameer finally got admitted in school.
  • By the time all this was happening, desire interns went to the slum ever day to teach the kids the basic etiquette and primary knowledge that would be required once they start their schooling. They were taught the alphabets, numbers and how to reply in English on being asked few general questions.
  • On 3rd April, 2017 the kids started going to school.


This is how hard work of 1 year bore fruits for Desire foundation in achieving their targets. Desire foundation swears to continue doing good for the nation and creating a better world for the people.

We thank OPEPA,Block education office and Future Bhubaneswar school for their support and cooperation to make this successful.

To help these kids, [email protected] Phone-8337929119