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Ever thought of considering Xavier School of Computer Science & Engineering (XCOMP), Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB), read why you should

While you might be considering lot other options, but if you are planning to study computer science here is why you should consider studying at Xavier School of Computer Science & Engineering (XCOMP)

1. XCOMP has top notch faculty. Its Dean has Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics & Telecom from IISc Bangalore, MS in Computers and Information Science from University of Massachusetts, PhD in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin and 20+ years of experience as researcher at Intel USA. Other faculty have background such as PhDs from IITs (IIT Kharagpur and IIT Delhi) and some have postdoctoral experience abroad.

2. XCOMP has innovative programs with a challenging and focussed curriculum. It offers a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with several Computer science courses right from the first semester (see and skips distractions such as Workshop, Engineering drawing and Chemistry that are part of the common first year engineering curriculum in most engineering colleges. In later semesters this program includes advanced computer science courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Design Capstone as well as important management related courses such as Organization Behavior, MIS, and Entrepreneurship and Startup. XCOMP is starting MTech in Artificial Intelligence ( and MS in Data Science and Analytics ( this year.

3. Admission to XCOMP is based on academic credentials and personal interview and not on entrance tests where you may have a bad day. XCOMP does not believe on the JEE like tests that give equal emphasis to courses like Chemistry that are not much relevant to Computer Science.

4. Xavier University Bhubaneswar is a collection of top notch schools such as XIMB (a business school ranked higher than many IIMs), Xavier School of Economics, Xavier School of Communications (XCOMM), where each of the programs have top notch faculty and programs. A student of XCOMP has the opportunity to interact and collaborate with faculty and students from these sister schools of XUB and pursue challenges such as partnering with an XIMB student for a Computer Science start-up or working with XCOMM students and faculty on advanced computer visualizations that are needed in movies.

5. XUB has a beautiful campus with excellent facilities and organizes multitudes of events – both social as well as academic ones. Recently it held an Artificial Intelligence summit and partnered with IBM for a hacakathon ( about developing applications to combat the aftermath of disasters such as Fani, the recent super-cyclone that devastatingly swept across the State.

Although the official date for application for the programs in 2019 is past, interested students should immediately contact [email protected] for admission to the 2019 batches.