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A beautiful Video capturing the beauty of Talasari Beach in Odisha, been there yet?

Red Crab Island – Talsari Sea Beach, Balsore Odisha, near Digha

Talasari Beach is a beach in the Baleswar district of Odisha, India. It lies on the north-eastern coast of India.

The name Talasari is derived from the two words Tala (ତାଳ) (meaning Palm) and Sari/Sarani (ସାରି/ସାରଣୀ) (meaning row). The palm trees surrounding the place gives such a name to it. The word Tala also means rhythm, which is reflected in the sea waves lapping against the shore
The place has vast stretches of green paddy fields, numerous rivers, blue hills and extensive beaches. The beach with its tall coconut trees, palm trees and casuarina make for a beautiful sight. Udaipur beach is the last beach on this stretch.
The stream plays hide-and-seek with people. When the stream is brimming, one can only reach the main beach with the help of a boat. But at other times, one can walk across the dry riverbed. The place is fairly windy.
Talasari is one of the less exploited Odisha beaches. The Talsari beach is not as frequently visited by the people as the other beaches of Odisha. The waters of the sea at Talsari beach are not turbulent but calm and peaceful.
Witnessing sunrise and sunset from a gleaming stretch of white sand is a rewarding experience. Another feature of Talsari that fascinates tourists is its backwaters, which one needs to cross to reach the sea.
The calm ambiance, unique receding waters and tropical weather all year round make it a popular destination for adventure seekers and those looking for solitude.

It is the last beach in the odisha to the north.
Talsari’s beach is famous for its fishing village, and among people partial to sea food. Near beach digha just 7 km.
The place receives 156.84 cm rainfall throughout the year. During the summer, the temperature is high and sometimes reaches 40 °C. During the winter, the mercury stands around 14 °C.

In Odisha, Talasari is 36 km s from Jaleshwar, is the nearest railway station and Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport and is 300 km from Talsari. It’s also well connected to Baleswar. However, from West Bengal side, Talsari is only 8–10 km away from Digha. Most visitors of Talsari are from Bengal anyway. Recently two trains have been launched from Howrah (Kolkata) to New Digha (check for timing), it is approximately 4 hours journey . From New Digha railway station, you can hire a cab / other local transport(Motor-van & Bike) to reach Talsari.It would take about 15 minutes and cost around 200rs/-.
The serene villages and tall palm trees creates a thrilling experience on the tourists.
The cashew trees sway in the breeze welcoming the visitors. In February, red and orange flowers appear on the plants. The cashew kernel hangs outside the fruit, which is also edible.
One will find only sand dunes on the beach — no heckling hotelier, no screaming hawker, no bargaining tourist. There are a handful of small hotels and a Panthasala run by the Odisha government.

The beach is quite flat and the waves are small and playful. The estuary of the river Subarnarekha River can be seen in the distance. The crests of the waves glow as darkness descends. The full moon rose gradually the night we were there and the beach turned a dreamscape.
There’s a concrete structure on the beach that serves as a fish market in the morning. The catch from the sea is piled on the floor before being sorted and auctioned. The fishermen return in the evening and sit on the beach mending their nets.

Some of them also take the tourists to the river mouth. Early mornings are excellent for a stroll. The beach is quite hard and hence, easy to walk on.