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A note to Odisha Government by ashish


Dear Odisha Govt.,

I know some news that some drainage manholes are open in the city and when there is rain or when there is power cut, a person can not see the manhole and fall trapped to it.
Have you ever thought the reason behind it???
I have thought of the following reason.

— The people who work in the drainage cleaning work are called as SCAVENGERS.
What is the meaning of a scavenger?: The animal who cleans the animal wastes or animal’s dead body.
So just think how you regard a human being.
Can not you give a different name to them?
Next is the point of machinery.
We can give those workers with the machines which will do the cleaning job.
How much does the machines cost for a state govt??? I think it as a small amount. – Anyhow the salary of the drainage cleaners are very less.
If the workers are not enough respected, then they will keep the drainage manholes open and which will be a hazard to everyone.——

So the solution comes from the above point.
If the drainage workers are enough equipped and respected, then they will serve for our society, instead of leaving it as it is.

Why can’t we create 30 best cities (one in each district) in Odisha based on the drainage cleaning work ???
-We can create if the govt thinks about it once and start implementing the process in each district.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
email: [email protected]