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Jitendra Biswal from Bargarh : First ever quadrplegic actor, his disability did not stop him from dreaming big

Jitendra Biswal is an amazing person. A quadriplegic since childhood, Biswal is bound to a wheel chair. He cannot stand up, cannot walk and move his hands or legs.

Only, he raises his right forearm to talk to his mobile phone with the help of an attendant, who remains with him all along.

But the 45-year-old’s mind is sharp and he is into many things. Overcoming his disability, he has studied law and business management.

He has been a disabled rights activist and motivational counselor for last several years.

In May last year, he created a video called My Attitude, My Life Despite My Disability with a collage of still photographs accompanied by text messages.

It went viral on YouTube drawing appreciation from television personalities Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt and author Sashi Tharoor.

The appreciation encouraged Biswal, who hails from Bargarh district of eastern Indian state of Odisha, to do something more substantial and he conceived the idea of a story to be made a short film.

Desire, the 35-minute short film focused on a person with extreme disability and how he develops a beautiful relationship with a normal girl.

“Through my film, I wanted to send a message that people with disability have feelings, emotion and desire like any other normal people and society have to respect that,” says Biswal.

As he looked out for a financier to realise his dream, he met fellow Odia Avinash Nanda, an ad filmmaker in Mumbai. Nanda was immensely impressed with Biswal’s idea and vitality.

Besides giving his nod to direct the film, Nanda also urged his entrepreneur friend Rajinder Singh Bhatia, who has business in Bhubaneswar, to produce the film.

The shooting of the film started in mid-2015 with Biswal and Mumbai based model Swapna Pati as lead actors.

Disability does not stop him from dreaming big