Bhubaneswar Buzz

This October Bhubaneswar all set to host Odisha Biennale : Festival For Art, Performing Arts & Design

28th OCT to 5th NOV
Mindtree Kalinga/Masako Ono Performing Arts (MOPA)
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, INDIA

Theme for 2017 is “Body ± Cloth=”

With the theme of “Body ± Cloth =”, the ODISHA BIENNALE 2017 will organize Artist In Residence for 1 month in order to create collaborative art project connecting artists from Odisha and internationally acclaimed artists from the globe in the field of performing arts / visual arts/craft arts/music/photography. The theme“Body ± Cloth =” sets the artistic opportunity to contemplate and express the meaning of clothing and body in the society, the identity of the act of wearing in the history, desire for metamorphosis, and deviation from the community.

The objective is to manifest the strength of the artists’ skill and global creativity as a bridge across cultures, highlighting how collaboration can help marginalized cultures regain cultural recognition, engage with other international artists, innovate, embrace coexistence in equity and promote diversity. The collaboration will be showcased during ODISHA BIENNALE 2017.

This project sets the basis of a number of creative activities that, internationally acclaimed artists from the globe will support local artists from Odisha, to develop not only a production of art but also a deeper sense of interculturality and a wider understanding of the importance of culture and communication for solving nowadays challenges at global scale. It aims to promote the interest of people in art and culture with a view to stimulating innovation, creativity and promote cultural diversity and expression. The documentation of the whole process will be distributed to the institutions/organizations concerned.