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Video of : Patitapabana Bana Flag Change in Puri Jagannath Temple, seen yet?



Lord Jagannath is the principal deity and divine master of the state of Odisha. The important of Lord Jagannath has been fostered in the fields of religion, faith, social rities, business, literature, art and architecture of Odisha. Hence Lord Jagannath is considered as the clan God of Odias.

Patitapabana Flag is commissioned on the top of grand temple. The flag hoisted daily on the top of the temple i.e. on the Neela Chakra (i.e. blue wheel) is named as Patitapabana. Odia poet. Upendra Bhanja has narrated in his poem that, flag of the top of the grand temple visible to the devotees from great distance, welcomes them to visit the temple and to have the blessings of Lord Jagannath. Such a flag is hoisted at a height of two hundred fourteen ft. On specific ceremonies, flags of two hundred fourteen ft. length are hoisted on the top of the temple as the bottom of the flag to touch the grand road covering the total temple. Such specific lengthy flags are popularly known as Padukakhia Bana. Different sizes of flags made of red and yellow colour cloth are usually donated by devotees for materialization of their desires. At times five to twelve flags are hoisted on the top of the temple fostering magnificent view of the temple. Old flags are also available for purchase by the devotees inside the temple. Devotees usually keep such flags in their house cherishing the divine blessing of Lord Jagannath.