Bhubaneswar Buzz

A video on The Story of Bhubaneswar via three phases by Ashish Nayak


Phase 1 of Bhubaneswar has left its mark in the form of Ancient Monuments…

Phase 2 of Bhubaneswar shows the below points…
1) Govt Schools
2) Govt offices, residential quarters and Govt hospitals etc
3) Florist shop
4) Betel shop
5) Small shopping complexes
6) Roadside vendors
7) Some Local temples

Phase 3 of Bhubaneswar shows the below points…
1) Regularized street vending zones
2) Use of solar panels
3) Maintained roads
4) Flyovers
5) Corporate houses, Educational institutes and Hospitals
6) Residential apartments
7) Good number of shopping complexes, quality restaurants

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