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Small part of Bhubaneswar in India’s historic Mangalayan mission – Why PM mentioned BBSR


Techies at the Central Tool Room and Training Centre here in bhubaneswar  have reason to celebrate.

Aerospace components for the polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) that carried the Mars orbiter spacecraft had parts machined at this centre, which is one of the 10 such institutes under the micro, small and medium enterprises ministry.

Among the vital parts are “dynamically-tuned gyroscopes”, which provide direction to the satellite, “solar array drive assembly”, which help keep the solar panel perpendicular to sunrays for energy and “advanced inertial navigation system”, a navigation aid to calculate the position and velocity of the spacecraft.

Other components supplied by the centre that have been put to use would monitor the level of fuel, control and regulate its flow to various parts of the shuttle. “We received the order from them in 2012. It took us nearly a year to manufacture and supply the products

parts used in mars mission