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Mukteswar Temples a gem among Odishan Temples in Bhubaneswar

mukteswar temples

Mukteswara Temple in Bhubaneswar is called the gem of Odishan temples mainly due to its elegant style and sculptures. It was built in the 9th century AD and considered as a bridge between the earlier and later group of temples.

The Vimana is square in plan and is built in a raised platform with pilasters in each facade. The shikara is small compared to other temples; it has four Nataraja on and four kirthimukhas on the four faces. The top portion of the shikhara has the kalasa. A new form of decoration  developed here and became a prominent feature in later Odishan temples. It is a highly ornate chaitya window crowned by masked demon head and dwarf figures. The sanctum is sculpted with beautiful damsels exhibiting feminine charms entwined with nagas and naginis.

One of the most noteworthy features of the temple is its splendid torana. It shows the influence of Buddhist architecture.


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