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Phoenix Robotix : Startup by Bhubaneswar Students of NIT Rourkela reaches heights in 1st yr

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Started in August 2014 by Mr. Amiya Kumar Samantaray, Phoenix Robotix hosted by NIT Rourkela has reached great heights in the one year of operation. Gathered a team of 12 dedicated members under various portfolios and bootstrapped its way to generate Rs. 15 Lakhs in this tenure.

Getting selected in the top 20 teams among 1900+ participants from all over India in Innovate for Digital India challenge hosted by CIIE and DST in IIM Ahmedabad is an ice-breaker. The Intel accelerator program is now training to help them create a Minimum Viable Product.

They have conducted several workshops in schools and colleges and dispatched various products of their own like LED Display Boards, PCBs, Data Loggers and electronic components. They are passionate about Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).

They have planned for a dedicated system of propagating industrial automation and embedded solutions to the MSMEs.

Right now, They are working on building an online ambient air quality monitoring system for the purpose of the industries, cities, organizations, institutes, the government and the people. They have a versatile business model and are focusing on creating the value in the market and a cost-effective and optimum product for the benefit of the target market.

Founding Members: Amiya kumar Samantaray and Agniva Das

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