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Introducing Odisha : An Architectural Odyssey,by team of six architects traveled thousands of kilometers across Odisha


Introducing Odisha: An Architectural Odyssey, a book published by Bloomsbury India . Authors along with dedicated young Research team consisting of six architects traveled thousands of kilometers across Odisha. More than 130 sites were visited and documented. Out of which 68 relevant projects of immense historical, cultural and architectural importance are presented in the book.
About the Book-
The architecture of Odisha is rich, varied and emblematic of its history and culture. In this first of its kind compilation, Dr. S. S. Ray and Dr. Kajri Misra capture the diversity and variety, in a comprehensive timeline perspective of the architectural evolution of the state.  In this painstakingly documented and engagingly narrated book, the authors and their research team systematically profile numerous examples of different types of buildings and aesthetic expressions as they emerged from the socio-cultural and religious developments over three millennia. The nine chapters in turn cover the timeless indigenous aesthetic sensibilities expressed in tribal settlements, sacred architecture of the Jains and Buddhists, classical Hindu temples and the many other types, defensive architecture in the Forts, the royal sensibilities and influences in the Palaces, Art and Craft heritage, European stylistic influences in colonial constructions, Post-Independence architectural expressions and the contemporary variety.
With more than 120 original drawings and 450 photographs, this book is exceptional in its extensive documentation and exploration of all types of architecture, and the first such attempt made for the range of treasures in Odisha. With 68 projects of immense historical, cultural and architectural significance, it is a must-have book on the architecture of the state.