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Time to enjoy Wind Surfing, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving etc in Mahanadi Cuttack

wind surfing in mahanadi cuttack odisha

courtesy sabir bux

The Telegraph writes:

You can enjoy windsurfing in the Mahanadi river with scuba diver Sabir Bux imparting lessons in the water sport. The renowned diver has set up a training centre opposite the jetty near Odisha State Maritime Museum for people to pick up the tricks of the trade. Around 150 water sports enthusiasts, most of them college students and women, have already put in their names. Apart from wind surfing, one can also learn and enjoy kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving in the river. Bux wants to promote water sports activities in the state with this initiative.


Around 25 professional divers are involved in training people in water sports. Though Bux is offering the training free for the time being, a charge will be levied in future.

While diving yesterday, Bux located around three sunken vessels lying at a depth of around 20ft in the river. Young boys from the local fishermen’s communities are also getting trained at the centre. After initial training, Bux plans to send them to the National Institute of Water Sports in Goa to pick up various life-saving techniques.

More details can be found from Telegraph archive dated Jan 20