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Roadtrip Experience Project comes to Odisha where 18 creators including writers, illustrators, poets, muralists, musicians, photographers etc create unique projects on road

What happens when you make twenty creators converge for twelve days in a picturesque journey in five SUV’s?  They collaborate to learn, unlearn and relearn through the adventures that the process lends implicitly explicit.
Five editions back, this experiment led to the formation of a startup called Road Trip Experience Project. Mark 2019,  RTX is a travel experiment that brings artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, storytellers, impact makers, culture shifters and doers from diverse creative backgrounds on a quest to connect, collaborate and create art, films, music & impact projects while travelling.
Over the prior 4 editions, RTX has created a tribe of over 100 incredible individuals and enabled over 80 collaborations between them. The core idea of RTX revolves around the idea of exploring the unknown through unique and authentic experiences and produce epiphanies.
This year, the Roadtrip Experience Project was held in Odisha from the 10th – 22nd of January, where 18 creators including writers, illustrators, poets, muralists, musicians and photographers explored the newly divulged God’s secret Odisha. The artists connected, collaborated and created unique projects on the road. It’s enabled by Odisha Tourism.
The trip churned 12 days’ worth of stories & memories. The journey started with retrieving ancient artwork of Pattachitra & Talpatri from the artisans of Raghurajpur, a heritage art village bent on preserving this art that traces back to thousands of years. The tribe then moved to Konark Natya Mandap which hosts the dying dance form “GOTIPUA” every year. They gave a new touch to the place with their art, designed their website, helped them with the pitch for inviting more people and strategizing their branding.  The RTX clan then drove from one destination to other rejoicing the journey, celebrating Makar Sankranti at the auspicious Kalijai temple with myriad visitors and hues.
In indivisibility with nature, they visited the Sathkosia tiger reserve, viewing the bird sanctuary at Mangalajodi with more than 500,000 migratory birds. At Gopalpur, they explored India’s first beach house and headed towards Mayurbhanj to witness the history of the princely state, “Belgadia” Palace was their connect with the rich history of Odisha.
On the final day, the creators collaborated with Kalinga Institute Of Social Sciences making a coffee table book that showcases the journey and self-exploration of a student studying at the institute. They did a workshop with the tribal children to market their art and contributed a few DIY techniques for creating marketable products.
The intact process of RTX is poetic in a way as discussions become ideas and ideation is implemented as creative projects. The entire journey becomes a platform for diverse creative artists to nurture the tradition of Odisha, balancing with the scalable development offered by the state. It is indeed a blend of culture, ideas, travels, Odisha and endless friendship that these 12 days and nights have created.
 First timer Ayushi Shah, a writer and poet said, ‘ The last 12 days have been life-altering in ways more than one.  Apart from meeting exceptional people from across the world and discovering places I have never heard of, it reignited my passion for photography. Conversations around the campfire, painting after years, bird watching –  the road trip has left me with memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.’
“I wanted to bring RTX home. Odisha has been the place of my birth and I have grown up around this environment. Looking at it from the lens of 16 Creators was nothing short of experiencing it once again. It has been an incredible experience to bring people here and explore the same place I lived in, in a different way,” said Jaytirth Ahya who is originally from Odisha and the Founder of this successful startup in the creative space.