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FYI Bhubaneswar Kalinga Stadium holds India’s first Olympic standard pink and blue pitch

hockey kalinga stadium

The tournament will be held in the eastern Indian State of Odisha. Although far away from the big metro-cities of India, it is one of the major heartlands of hockey in the country.

All matches will be hosted at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. Built in 2010, it is a modern multi-purpose sports venue which features India’s first newly built Olympic-standard hockey pitches.

With world hockey’s finest players all gathered in one tournament, there are many players to watch out for.

Matches will be played at the 5,000-seater Kalinga Stadium which holds India’s first Olympic standard pink and blue pitch.

The men’s Champions Trophy begins on Saturday with Australia v England at 6.30am on Sky Sports 4.

After impressive displays at the World Cup and more recently the Commonwealth Games, England will be heading into the 2014 Champions Trophy with serious medal ambitions.

With an established and experienced core and three months of hard preparation behind them, confidence will be high for the challenges they will face, in Bhubaneswar.