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Hello everybody, this post is about my recent roadtrip to Satkosia, Mahendragiri, the lesser known and less touristy places of Odisha (Orissa). This would be more  of a pictographic/photographic representation of Odhisa through my eyes.

Satkosia :- A wildlife forest surrounding the banks of river Mahanadi, and forming a gorge. The place looks majestic and eerie at the same time. It was in the month of February, that i had visited and the early morning sunrise was worth waking up for. The bank of the river bed looks like a barren land, and can easily be described as some place outside our earth.

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I tried to make a vertical panorama too out here, because i thought the foreground water and small stones created a good visual impression.


Next on our tour itinerary was Mahendragiri. Due to some unavoidable circumstances we did not get to stay or visit Mahendragiri, had to take a detour, but the roads we crossed and the Landscape we encountered was simply breathtaking.

Mahendragiri Odisha Bhubaneswar Buzz

I really liked this barren stretch of road, and this old withered out tree enhanced the feel of the picture.

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What i experienced in Odhisa (Orissa) was the opposite of what people know about it. This state is much more than just Puri, and Chandipur. People should try and visit these places more often. The serene beauty is just breathtaking, and to have roads where you go on endlessly, with nobody to see for more than 50 miles. That is the sense what a traveler yearns for. This post for the love of this place, hope to be back there soon.

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