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Showcasing Bibhuti Kumar Ray an Auto driver from Odisha who provides free ambulance, do watch this video

An auto driver, who stands against all odds, and has always helped anyone he could. He provides free ambulance service to anyone who needs it.

This story is about, Mr. Bibhuti Kumar Ray, a 38 year old auto driver and social worker from Cuttack, Odisha. This story is about those unending efforts of a social well-wisher, to help anyone and everyone he can. His pockets are empty, yet his heart is filled with gallons of compassion. Mr. Bibhuti, whose auto is a running ambulance, attends and helps any needy person on the road. He has made amazing contributions to the society for which mankind shall always stay indebted to him. This is a message to the society, that if we have more number of people like him, humanity would be always comprehended.
This is a video stating, “Humanity is not a compulsion, it is an act of inner determination.”