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Bhubaneswar Buzz Completes 2 years of existence today


As we celebrate 2nd year completion of our existence, a big THANK YOU  to our great supporter / followers / friends. We could not have been here without your support. As we look back to a couple years back, we started as a facebook page to let everyone know about Odisha and its potential in tourism at various levels. Over these 2 years apart from facebook we have now various channels given at the bottom of the page which we have been able to successfully scale up to let this vision continue. We have grown to more than 4500 in facebook and around 3900 in twitter (one of the largest groups that we know odias). We have made so many friends in this journey, fought so many battles for odia identity and we will continue to do so. Few small things though small we will always feel proud to have contributed, be it fighting with sanjeev kapoor for mentioning “Chenna poda” as bengali, popularising the first street store of India in bhubaneswar or our promotion of Durga puja in Odisha getting notice from West bengal mandaps to get requests from them for Odisha artisans.

This is just the start and we want to continue bringing to you the best quality content on Odisha and keep moving towards our dream of promoting Odisha to be one of the best tourism destinations in India.

As always feel free to suggest improvements….

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