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Citizens with Photo of traffic violators in the city to get cash from RTO bhubaneswar

talking while driving

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Regional transport office (RTO) will felicitate citizens with cash rewards if they take photographs of traffic violators.The hard copies of the photographs will have to be physically delivered to the RTO, Bhubaneswar (II). The informer will get a cash reward of Rs 50 per photograph. Anyone can take the photograph. But the visual must clearly establish the identity of the offender and the vehicle used. Acting on the photographs, the RTO would serve notice on the vehicle owners and they would be penalized Rs 1,000 for first offence and Rs 2,000 for subsequent offences.

The driving license would also be cancelled for three months if the offender continues to violate traffic norms. These penalties would be applicable for all sorts of violation including usage of mobile phone while riding/driving, not wearing seat belt/ helmet etc