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Another Big Plan : This Smart Hub in Satyanagar could change Bhubaneswar Skyline if its completed…

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This is going to be one project which when it comes up, could change the Bhubaneswar skyline.

Keeping in sync with the smart city project, the Bhubaneswar development Authority (BDA) is planning to build an institutional hub that will, among others, house convention centres, big hotels and a trade centre.

The new hub is likely to come up at Satya Nagar over 48 acres of land. The BDA has started the process of acquiring land, the portion of which falls under slum pockets. The slum dwellers will be rehabilitated for which a survey is currently underway.

The Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) has made preliminary plans to develop the area within the locality, where apart from the trade centre, two commercial and two premium hotels will also come up.

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