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Housing prices rise in Bhubaneswar, while it falls the most in Delhi & chandigarh



Housing prices appreciated in 18 major cities by up to 3.9 per cent in April-June over the preceding quarter while property rates fell in six cities including Delhi, according to National Housing Bank (NHB).

In the national capital, housing prices dropped by 3 per cent during the first quarter of this fiscal compared with the January-March 2014.

The movement in prices of residential properties for the quarter April-June, 2014 has shown marginal increasing trend in 18 cities ranging from 0.5 per cent in Bhubaneswar to 3.9 per cent in Pune, and fall in 6 cities ranging from -0.5 per cent in Lucknow to -4.4 per cent in Chandigarh in comparison to the previous quarter January-March, 2014