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Nice to see Odisha Based Milk Mantra product listed on Mashable Article on Turmeric Latte


Milk mantra on mashable

Listen up, cafes across the world are offering a new, healthier alternative to coffee. The rise of turmeric latte or golden milk, a sweetened blend of the Indian spice with nut milk, is closely linked to the recent superfood status accorded to turmeric.

Turmeric lattes have little in common with their caffeinated counterparts in terms of taste, with the spice being known more for its vibrant colour and subtle, slightly medicinal taste. Their popularity as a global health fad was announced by The Guardian, which called it 2016’s drink of choice. Turmeric lattes are now being offered in cafes in London, Sydney and San Francisco, with numerous recipes, Instagram and Pinterest posts. A Google report on food trends in the US indicates that search for the spice had risen by 300% in the last five years.

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