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Introducing PaddleAuction Technologies based in Bhubaneswar : A startup by NIT Rourkela students

Tell us a little bit about “PaddleAuction Technologies Pvt. Ltd” is the global online Live Auction platform. Buy and Sell anything in a competitive environment of Live Auction to drive better Value of your product and Services.

This platform enable small and medium scale industry, Auction houses, dealers and every individuals to sell any items either used items or new items and reach buyers across globe.

–Create and Conduct Real-time online Live Auction across categories for best price discovery.

–Automation of Bidders discovery from paddle Auction’s global network of Buyers and sellers based upon the location and category preference.

–Real Time Chat and Collaboration between Buyer and Seller during live Auction.

–Automation of Alerts, Notification and Reminders for Buyer and Supplier for listed auctions via email and SMS.

–Make an offer at any time to an upcoming auction

How did you come up with this idea and why this name?  

When I go the shop for buying something with my wife, she does negotiate with shopkeeper and get the best deal / discounts. She is hard negotiator. This struck to my mind why we cannot have negotiation platform in today’s e-commerce world.

This lead to idea of having real-time Auction platform for enabling each individuals across globe   with power to negotiate and get better deal for their items and services. It also enable seller to get new business opportunity, customers and marketing opportunity across globe.

A Paddle Call takes place during the physical auction conducted during physical Auction. Since we are simulating physical live auction to online platform across globe, hence name “Paddleauction” name is derived.

How time-consuming or difficult was it to get started?

As long as you have commitment and passion to reach your dream, nothing is difficult. It has been journey of 6 months of multiple bumpy and exciting rides. We have officially established our company as “Paddle Auction Technology Pvt Ltd” and launched our real-time Auction platform across globe 2 months back.  We are in rapid growth trajectory in customer acquisitions.

What problem “PaddleAuction Technologies Pvt. Ltd solve?

Answer : Our unique real-time online live auction platform solves the problem of discovery of best price for new and used items such as  Vehicles , Flats , Electronic Items , Art and Antique , Jewelry and Diamonds ,  Machine and Equipment , Scrap Materials etc. This platform gives the opportunity to each Individuals, Artist, Painters, Handcrafters, Dealers, Traders, Small and Medium Scale industry to sell items in a competitive environment to get better deal and reach network of buyers across globe.

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Tell us about your Team (Who are the founders and key team members).

We are the team of computer geeks from Premier institute like National Institute of Technology, Rourkela having more than 12 years global professional experience from reputed multinational companies. We have small team Led by Sambit Hota , Kalandi Nayak, Manish Agrawal.

What are the different challenges you are facing for operation?

The Major challenge we are facing is marketing our platform and services at global scale level and reaching larger global customer base. We have already put significant amount of our hard earning money for this startup and looking for funding in order to enhance our marketing channels and increase our customer base.

Your vision and mission

Our Vision is to provide best price discovery platform of all products and services across globe.

The Mission of our company is to build the world’s largest network of Buyers and sellers.

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