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ROCKPLOSION – upcoming major rock concert Bhubaneswar

Rock band concert bhubaneswar

The DJs have had their fun. Now it’s time to plug in the guitars and pound the drums. It’s time to sing along to your favourite tunes with your favourite local bands. 

“ROCKPLOSION!” is an upcoming major rock concert, to be held in the temple city of Bhubaneswar, India.. 

The list of bands includes : –

1. Highway Jammers
2. Raaga
3. Saints Of Sodom
4. Sky Traffik
5. My Valentine Turned Ash
6. Psychic Magicians
7. THE RULZ BREAKERS -The Band Born To Rock You All.
8. Legacy Shall Fall
9. Wyvern
10. Project Unnamed
11. Vows of Vengeance

Rs 150 – Entry only
Rs 250 – Entry + one complementary drink ( LIMITED )
(more drinks will be available there at pub prices)