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IIT Bhubaneswar gets ready for its Socio cultural Fest Alma Fiesta this january

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Alma Fiesta is the annual Socio-Cultural fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, heralded as the ‘Biggest Debutant fest of India’ by The Telegraph in its maiden year 2010. Alma Fiesta has grown to become a beacon of culture and social change. With 150+ colleges, 20,000+ footfall, shimmering stars of ‘INDIAN OCEAN’, ‘AGNEE’ and ‘GAJENDRA VERMA’, Alma has made a mark unprecedented and unachievable by its contemporaries.

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An epitome of celebration, Alma Fiesta organises events of dance, music, dramatics and fine arts, workshops like Salsa, Android App development, Self-defence, Paper quilling, Clay modelling and Cyber Crusades and many more.

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