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First of its kind Auto Expo Phoautography 2015 at Janta Maidan Bhubaneswar

phoautography auto expo bhubaneswar

Organised by The New Indian Express, Bhubaneswar, ‘Phoautography’ kicked off in style on Friday at Janta Maidan where modern day beasts from the house of BMW, Audi, Renault, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Volvo and DSK Hyosung strutted their stuff.

The swanky Porsche Cayman, Jaguar XJL and BMW Z4 made a splash, while a Morris 1977, Ford Jeep of 1918, modified Thar from Mahindra stole the attention of the visitors who thronged the two-day expo which is co-organised by event management firm, Carnival.

Source: The new indian express