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Art Affinity provides live platform to all kinds of Artists, please join

Art affinity bhubaneswar buzz

Friends let’s join hands to promote ‘Art’ in our city. Our state is full of such wonderful artists who are creative, innovative and passionate. There are wonderful singers, dancers, instrument players, sculpture artists and many more form innovative art form artists who want a platform to perform and show it to public. ‘Art Affinity’ is planning to provide a platform for such artists. We want to promote new artists and yet at the same time we will try to revive our Odia art and cultural artist. So to start with we are planning to have art affinity once in every month in different venues of Bhubaneswar, where artist will paint live, sing, dance. Jam the environment by playing different instruments live.. Here artist will also get a chance to sell their artifacts. Friends help us. Spread the word. Share the thought with friends , ask your artist friends to join the campaign. Share it on your wall..Let it happen in our state. I know, we can and we will.