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Web portal for Jagannath Nabakalebar with Blog and Social Media launching soon

nabakalebar logo

An interactive web platform will be launched soon for Nabakalebar specially and the dynamic portal will have State-of-the Art features.
Website will have facility for Bi-lingual information in Odia and English.Information about Jagannath Temple,  Nabakalebar, History of Navakalebar, Past news on Nabakalebar, Various Rituals of Navakalebar will be uploaded.
Links to Travel Agencies Database, Information on Hospital facilities, Traffic management and tourist information will be there in the web platform.
A blog on Nabakalebar will be launched and arrangements will be made for Connection to social websites, Photo gallery etc.
In order to trace route, Google Apps will be utilized and there will be a video gallery
SMS based alert system will be in place and more and more information will be provided to the tourists and pilgrims, who are expected to turn out in a big number.