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Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar – a few points on its architecture

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Mukteshwar Temple at Bhubaneswar in Odisha is dedicated to Shiva. The 10th century temple is a classic example of Odiyan architecture. In the article titled “Breathing life into Stone,” Chitra Ramaswamy narrates the importance of the temple in the architecture history of Orissa and the changes the temple brought about in the architecture from earlier temples. The temple is considered as a trendsetter for future Orissa temples.

The 10 century edifice is a landmark of sorts in the development of Hindu temples in Odisha since it marked the beginning of a period of experimentation in architectural designs. The amalgam of approaches borrowed from earlier periods culminated in a style that came to be distinctively Odiyan. The temple exudes magnificence and delicacy and signifies the transitional phase of Odiyan architecture between the initial and later stages of Kalinga architectural style.
Mukteshwar temple is also a rare example of a shrine planned and built without subsequent additions as was the practice in earlier times.
The earthy red sandstone west-facing temple that rises 35 ft. above ground is encrusted with intricate carvings of ascetics in meditative poses and women adorned with jewellery.

Source: Hindu-blog

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