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Rourkela – The City of Steel and Dreams : A beautiful video to take a look


“Rourkela- The City of Steel and Dreams” is a heartfelt documentry on Rourkela a.k.a ‘The Steel City’ by Starpixel Films in association with Joffox Studios and True Media. The city, also know as ‘Ispat Nagar’ is famous for it’s planned architectures, captivating cityscapes, enchanting temples, premier academic institutions and scenic beauty. The industrial capital of Odisha is a home to many across the whole country and a living example of unity in diversity. This documentary is all about a Dreamy City And It’s People. We have tried to capture each and every detail of the city with utmost love and attention. experience the city and it’s story in surround sound And enthralling clarity. See your own divine city through our lenses in a different way, like never before.