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Relive the Akshaya Mohanty fame Hey Phaguna by this rendition from Binay and Biraj Rath


Hey phaguna is a reflection of history and possibilities. An attempt by Binay and Biraj to bring back the soul and magic of hey phaguna, originally sung and composed by legendary Akshay Mohanty in the 70s.

Original music and lyrics: Akshay mohanty
Featuring :Dipanwit,Surya,Amrita & Sanket
Music: Binay Rath
Lyrics and Vocals: Biraj Rath
Keyboard: Subun
Guitar: Dichi
Sound programming: Christo
Mixed and mastered by: Rajesh Patro
Make up: Raja
Graphics: KD sipun
Concept: Chirag Nath
Cinematography: Smikash Mohapatra, Sandeep Sahoo, Basudev Dalai
Editor: Manas Kumar Sahoo
Producer: Samaresh Routray
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Biraj Rath