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Odisha born Mumbai Technicians attempt to showcase Ahe Nila Saila Jagannath bhajan again with Krishna Beura vocals


A group of Odisha born film technicians who are mostly active in Mumbai have started recreatd the most famous Odia bhajan Ahe Neela Saila of Lord Jagannath written by Salabeg, a Muslim devotee of the deity . The unique aspect of the 4 to 5 minute long video is the use of Odissi and Chhau dance keeping the style and nuances of both the dance forms intact.
Biren Jyoti Mohanty, who works in Mumbai as a film editor for films like Luck and Jodi Breakers, has directed this video.
The short musical video was shot at Bingharpur on the outskirt of Bhubaneswar. Bollywood singer Krishna Beura well known for his sufi style songs has sung this bhajan for the short film. He also plays a role of a Brahmin who discovers a Jagannath idol lying abandoned while the song continues in the background. Well known Bollywood art director Sukant Panigrahi has worked on the set design.
Odissi dancer Pallavi Das has choreographed the dance sequences.Keeping in tact the traditional tune, composer Suraj Purohit has added a contemporary feel to the music.

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