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Satkosia Eco Tourism Camp gets ready to open to Public from Mid november

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In what ought to be good news for nature lovers and tourists alike, the nature camp at Badmul, in the Mahanadi wildlife division of Satkosia Tiger Reserve, will be thrown open to the public from mid-November.
“This year we have tried to make the nature camp more attractive following the response from tourists last year who stayed in tented accommodation that was put up on the sandbars,” divisional forest officer (Mahanadi wildlife division) Anshu Pragyan Das, said.

“The nature camp, which has been constructed using pre-fabricated structures on a mountain slope on the banks of the Mahandi gorge, will have such facilities as to make tourists feel they are in the lap of nature. The pre-fabricated structure can be removed at any point of time and in case it requires modification, that can be done as well,” a forest department official said.
“The cottages will have huge glass panels that will provide a panoramic view of the gorge, which is flanked by stretches of forest on either side. This is an ideal site for bird lovers also as migratory species flock the sandbars during this time of the year,” the official added.

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