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Odia local Boy Amit on Road Trip from Kerala to Odisha to promote India Surf Festival

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NAME :- Amit Kumar Mallick

Age :- 26
Profession :- SOLDIER
Home town :- Belpahar (Odisha)
Mission :- India surfing festival
Objective :- Coast to coast ride from Kerala to Odisha to create awareness about ISF.
Plan :- To cover a distance of almost 3000 km on a 200 cc motorcycle, starting from fort kochi in the west coast to ramchandi beach lying in the eastern coast in Odisha within 72 hour to spread the concept of this madness. covering all the important tourist destinations on this proposed route.
  The machine :- KTM Duke 200

                      MISSION – ISF 2015

It all began last year when many of my malayali friends suggested me to watch a malayalam movie, the suggestion was appropriate as it was the story of a biker which related to me very much. It was all about a guy riding from kerala to nagaland to get his love, It was all about the journey where in he discovers the different shades of life, to me what excited most was the episode which had Odisha in it, being an hardcore Odiya guy it was not of much astonishment to get excited seeing the Bada deula (Lord jagannath’s temple) on a malayalam movie, then the story unfolds in the beaches of ramachandi where quite a few things happen in his life and to me it was another piece of information, that something called India surfing festival did existed and that too in my land. Every time I could imagine a beach festival and water sports in India it had to be Goa.
Came home googled about it, youtubed about it and even called few guys out there to do all possible inquiries. Got really excited 
about this whole idea of celebrating life, it had something or the other for every one, and for an adventure freak like me it had everything, art, music, sports, culture and yes it was heaven for a passionate photographer like me, so decided to witness it the very next time it happens.
Dates were announced, excitement started getting real higher, I could really feel the madness on youtube everyday, had to be there any how and thought of a plan, it was always a wish to ride home from here(god’s own country) to my god’s country, the idea of collaborating both my passion for one sensible cause made the adrenaline rush faster than usual, and then i decided to ride to my destiny on my most prized possesion, my 2 wheeled beast.
According to the route i wanted to follow, google map said 2800 km, I had been riding long real long but then this was way beyond my best stretch, but than i knew it would be epic, and to inspire my self more i named it the awareness ride, to ride for a cause will always give you that extra push when your metals are down, serving country is my prime motto but then i also wanted to do something for my state as the state of travel and tourism down there needed real uplift and this guy Sanjay Samantaray the founder of ISF was doing a great job. 
So the journey has to be like this, starting from here (Fort kochi) to Ramchandi via few important tourist destination and major cities around this part of world.
Fort kochi-coimbatore-ooty-mysore-bandipur nationalpark-bangalore-kurnool-hyderabad-rajhmundry-vizag-berhampur-chilika-bhubaneshwar-“ISF” ramchandi beach, almost around 3000km or more.
Looks pretty difficult but then the driving force the passion to make it big for Odisha and ISF will definitely keep me going.
as of now gearing up for the ride of life time and counting days.
Excitement on the high as the time is nearing by, has taken over my nerves gradually and people have started calling it an obsession which i hardly mind nor will any mad traveller.
This festival has got everything that a wanderer a traveller or adventurer looks for, does not matter if you are just an artist, a musician, a surfer or simply a traveler on vacation, it will quench your thirst for the desired for sure, The whole concept of this madness aims at promoting a better life through different art forms and exchange of cultural activities, don’t just get confused with it’s name, it’s not just for the surfer’s, it is a festival for everyone, a kid, a woman or the one in late 60’s, do just come and experience a different niche like never before, do come and live an off track life full of fun and frolic for three days.

“Come witness the madness”