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Have a great Travelogue on Odisha Tourism places? Participate & win upto $600

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The Global Odisha Conference invites entries for its “Travelogues about Odisha Sites” competition.
A travelogue entry should have original pictures of locations in Odisha and text about them. In addition the travelogue entry must have a section at the end with suggestions regarding how the facilities in the location could be improved and creative ideas on additions that can make tourists stay longer in Odisha. This is because the contribution of tourism to the economy of Odisha depends on how many nights a particular tourist spends in Odisha. Thus our goal is to maximize that number.
The competition encourages expanded version of travelogues that are published by the same authors elsewhere during 2014-15 (From Jan 1 2014 till the submission deadline of May 15th, 2015) in a newspaper, magazine, or an edited 3rd party website (not your own blog, Facebook account etc.). Such entries will get bonus points. Note that most local newspapers all over the world on certain days publish travelogues. Many Odias young and old travel to various interesting places in Odisha and take picture and form memories. This competition is to encourage them to write-up their experience and publish it. However, one can submit travelogues that they have written in their own blog, facebook page etc.
Multiple prizes will be awarded. The best entry will be awarded a prize of at least $300.
The top entries will be presented to the participants of the Global Odisha Conference in Washington DC, USA during July 1-2, 2015. Global Odisha will also publish them in the web and other venues. We will be trying for an exhibition in Bhubaneswar and to compile the best entries into a book.
Submission: Travelogues are required to be written in English and are to be submitted as a single pdf file. The maximum size of a travelogue entry is 10 pages. The submission site will be mentioned here at a later date.
Registration to participate in the competition: April 20, 2015
Submission of entries: May 15, 2015
Announcement of Finalists (Top 10 or Top 10% whichever is more) entries: June 5, 2015
Submission of a youtube video or a ppt presentation by the Finalists: June 15, 2015
Presentation at the Global Odisha Conference: July 1-2, 2015
Announcement of top awards: July 2, 2015
Main Organizers: Prof. Chitta Baral, Dr. Tina Satpathy and Mr. Satya Pattnaik, USA
Jury Lead: Dr. Gagan Panigrahi, Canada
July Member: Ms. Sharell Cook, Writer and Editor of
Email Contact[email protected]