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Bhubaneswar Cycling Group celebrates World No Tobacco Day with ride on bicycle

As part of Sunday Morning Ride we went to Budhanath temple A 11th century Heritage Temple build during regime of King Chodaganga Dev of Somvanshi dynasty located near Bhubaneswar at Garedi Panchana village near Balipatna. People say this temple was build earlier to many landmark Kalingan Temple Architecture perhaps by sculpture those build Konark while on their way they might have stayed hear for longer period. However, it was ruined in some point of time as mythology say the tmple became victim of Kalapahada a Hindu King who could not returned to hindu religion nor could able to worship Odisha’s identity Lord Jagganatha. So in revenge he destroyed many hindu temple. Well scitific reason could say somthing else. People do say identification of Budha Statute near by places but we could not see any. However, presently Hindu God Shiba is worshiped as Aakhandalamani. After witnesing this site we felt Great about those kings who understood skills of Odia’s that they build such wonderfull structure using Odia’s. Well we felt proud being son of the soil whose ancesters build such monuments that’s still makes us proud even after thousands of years. Then insted of returning straight to Bhubaneswar we used the road towards Jayadeva, Bhingarpur, Phulnakara to reach Bhubaneswar. Our Most of the ride were under trees except the last 10 or 15km without any trees as most of the trees were in this part choped for road expansion. Overall a great expereince of Odisha Sculputure in and arround Bhubaneswar. Well coincidentally today is‪#‎worldtobaccoday‬ so we feel ‪#‎Smoking‬ is attractive, glamorous, so is‪#‎Cycling‬…choice is urs ..embrace #Cycling to ‪#‎quitsmoking‬ !