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Awesome to see Desia in Koraput is trying sustainable Tourism via crowdfunding : Don’t miss the video


About the project

What is Desia?

Desia stands for low land tribes and their natives. Since there are various tribal communities at the Koraput valley, it’s an effort to unite under the name DESIA, which means typical tribal folks of the region. Their music, language, food all can be termed as typical Desia music or Desia language or Desia food etc. In other words it is their common identity. Desia Eco Tourism Centre is also designed with local materials and we have tried to include Desia motives.

What is your drive behind doing such a challenging project?

As a special interest tour operator I love to explore off beat destinations and show the rich cultural heritage of our country to culture lovers & adventure travelers who seek unique and authentic experiences. The tribal area in Odisha offers all these ingredients and we started visiting the place quite often. From the experience of responsible travel I wanted to bring the benefit of tourism to the local grassroots community in the valley.

What is your personal interest in social entrepreneurship and responsible travel?

It is my strong belief and passion to work with people at grassroots level which is sole factor for making Desia. It not only gives me immense pleasure but is also a great learning experience about other culture. To be different, to meet challenges, to innovate  are some of the inborn qualities which I am known for. Most of it came from meeting interesting travellers from various part of the world as well as me always being on move. I am driven by travel and wanted to make tourism a tool to empower the tribal people of Koraput valley.

What do you aim to achieve with this lounge?

This art lounge will be an amazing meeting place where the guests can relax, read a book, listen to tribal music or even try their hand at local craft. It will have display racks, photo gallery, books corner etc. It will add more values to the place and property in general.

Why crowdfunding

The motive of this project is to develop a source of income for the local tribes of the Koraput valley and in turn create an off-beat travel experience for people to enjoy. I want to build an art lounge which promotes the local art and craft to the entire world. It requires capital to make all these plans come to life and that’s why I am crowdfunding. What’s better than people coming together for a cause which is a win-win situation for all.

How will the money be used?

Civil Construction: 125000
Art, Furniture & Lighting: 100000
Master Craftsmen Fee: 50000
Travel & Logistics: 40000
Admin Fee: 35000

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

International Tourism in India is very fragile and mostly can be affected by many factors like slow down of economy in European countries ( as most of the clients come from Europe ) after exit of UK from EU, Local law and order situations, natural calamities like flood, cyclone etc. It is also seasonal which makes it even more difficult for a tourism camp to survive, that too responsibly.

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

I have more than 20 years of experience in special interest tourism. You can see my commitment and passion in my other responsible travel projects for which I have been awarded with the National Tourism Award from the Ministry of Tourism, and our services have been highly recommended in most of the popular guide books such as Lonely Planet, Inden, Rough Guide etc .

By funding this project you are supporting a cause which brings alternative livelihood to the grassroots community that lives below the poverty line. It also gives you the chance to get involved as a partner in progress. Your relationship with the project will not end with your backing this project.You will be treated as a friend in need, a friend indeed of Desia .