Bhubaneswar Buzz

AirAsia Mega Sale: Three Days Left To Avail Big Discounts

AirAsia India is offering all-inclusive fares starting from Rs. 1,249 for domestic travel while its Malaysian parent AirAsia is selling tickets from Rs. 1,999 for international travel as part of the “Mega Sale” scheme, which is open till April 9, 2017.

AirAsia is also offering discounts on international flights under the same offer to South-Asian countries, including Bhubaneswar – Kuala Lumpur (Rs. 1999), Bhubaneswar -Phuket (Rs. 3,739) and Bhubaneswar-Penang (Rs. 3,633). With the summer holidays just around the corner – traditionally the time when most Indian families go on vacation – airlines have taken to lucrative discounts and schemes to corner market share.