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A blog on Jayadeba Pitha at Kenduli Sasan – Birthplace of Sri Jayadeba


“Kenduli Sasan” is a village in Odisha near Prachi river.¬†Indian literature refers to this place by the name Kenduvilwa/Kenduvilva/Kinduvilwa/Tinduvilwa etc etc…

One can reach the village by taking multiple routes.
One of the routes as below:-
Bhubaneswar Railway station > Rasulgarh > Naharakanta Road > Jagannathpur > Kurangsasan > Barahipur > KENDULI SASAN.

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Now the question comes – what is there in that village that need to be known by all

Odias and then make others also know about it ???
– It is the birth place of Sri Jayadeba, the poet who composed the epic poem GEETA GOBINDA (Geeta Govindam / Geet Govind).

There was a long standing controversy on the birth place of Sri jayadeba.
There is a village in West Bengal called Kenduli (Previous name: Kendubiloo).
Kenduli (West Bengal) was initially thought to be the birthplace.
But Odias believed the exact birthplace to be Keduli Sasan in Odisha.
Recently when department of Archeological survey of India and the historians and scholars from Odisha and West Bengal gave their research report, Kenduli Sasan (Odisha) was accepted as the actual birthplace and it was inaugurated in 2004.

Please have a look at the below pics from the “Jayadeba Pitha”.

Odisha tourism signboard and inauguration stone imprint…

Entry gate to “Jayadeba Pitha”…

Inside “Jayadeba Pitha”…

Few stone imprints based on the works of Sri Jayadeba…

The demarcation of the place where the original “Geeta Gobinda” was found

Stone images of Dasabatara (Dasavatar) based on Sri Jayadeba’s

“Dasabatara/Dasavatar Stutee” at “Jayadeba Pitha”…

1) Meena/Matsya Abatara – Fish (Living in water – Aquatic)

2) Kurma/Kachhapa Abatara – Tortoise (Living in land and water – Amphibious)

3) Sukara/Baraha Abatara – Boar (Living on land – Mammal)

4) Narahari Abatara – ManLion (Humanitarian Evolution)

5) Bamana – Dwarf man (He is considered as a early human who is a traveller or a

wandering monk.

6) Bhrugupati – Parasurama (Early human using Parasu Sastra (Weapons to be held in

hand and not used for throwing purpose). He is represented as a saint who is a

fighter as well)

7) Rama – A king and a fighter. Mark of civil society (He uses Bow and Arrow which

is called Astra (“Weapons to be held in hand and then thrown” – the next stage of


8) Haladhara – Balarama (A person who can do farming as well as fighting)

9) Buddha – A king and fighter who can change himself to a saint and preacher

10)Kalki – Final destoyer
Few references to Kenduli Sasan (Odisha) and Sri Jayadeba.
—What Odisha tourism department need to do more at the spot?
1) In the museum, please do the demarcation of each item excavated from the place
2) Maintain the place like it is done at Khandagiri and maintain cleanliness of all the areas inside the Pitha
3) Have a deal with music companies in Odisha (who have already made music and videos of Geeta Gobinda) to sell the CDs/DVDs of “Geeta Gobinda” there—