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UCE Burla Grad Debajani Mohanty all set to launch debut novel : The Curse of Damini

the curse of damini book bhubaneswar buzz

Debajani Mohanty Rastogi is the author of the book Curse of Damini. This maiden book is going to be released on 14th of November in Bhubaneswar. The novel which starts as a supernatural thriller is actually a tale of woman’s woe. “The Curse of Damini” points out certain prime issues that are so far not taken seriously either by our people or government. Women constitute half of the manpower, and in a society where they are treated lowly, would lack progress. Rape and discrimination against women is not only a social issue. It weakens the resolve in women to come out of their closed premises of home and embrace education & career. It blocks our progress as a nation. This novel “The Curse Of Damini” is an attempt to bridge the gap between the genders and uplift our society as a whole.

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