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Story of Satyajit Sahoo : From studying Forestry in Odisha to Cofounder of startup

scrollback startup

Satyajit Sahoo studied forestry from Odisha University but he now leads the front-end design at Scrollback, a chat service for communities. This points to a larger emerging trend among startup employees. While CEOs of startups are celebrated for breaking barriers, startup employees are silently tackling a much bigger problem: that of disproving the endemic parental logic in India, which prescribes to studying at a well known college and sticking to a fixed specialisation to have a successful career. “Now, my parents are really proud of me, because I did it all by myself,” said Sahoo, 23, who was forced to take up forestry because of the lack of engineering jobs in Orissa.  Sahoo is also a contributor to Facebook’s open source design initiative called React Native. Satyajit Sahoo has also been promoted to become a cofounder at Scrollback, and CEO Gaurav Srivastava said most of his team, including himself, are made of misfits like Sahoo.