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A nice workshop held in Bhubaneswar to portray history of Odisha Art

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Times of India Writes

Many startling facts of Odisha’s history, most of which are totally unsung, less or never acknowledged, have been beautifully depicted in murals by young artists during a mural painting workshop here.

As many as 40 artists from different arts and crafts colleges of the state took part in the workshop conducted by Kala Kos, an integrated unit of KIIT-KISS for research and revival of art, craft and heritage.

“The workshop is unique as it did not follow the regular mode and neither was product-oriented, rather it was more of a process-oriented where students were given proper knowledge about Odisha’s history. Guided by a mentor each group had brain-storming sessions to transform textual history into a visual narrative,” said director of the KIIT School of Fine Art, Adwaita Gadanayak.

 Historical aspects such as weapons used by ancient people, their art, material remains like pottery, coin and undeciphered inscriptions have aso been highlighted in the paintings.

“I had never imagined that Odisha has such a rich history and there are so many things most of us don’t know. Describing it through paintings is engrossing,” said Veejayant Dash, who curated the workshop.
Courtesy : Times of India